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Home School


The Willow Goldfinch

The willow goldfinch is a small black and yellow bird. It can be found throughout the United States and Canada at various times during the year. It is a member of the finch family. It's also best known for being the state bird of Washington....(more)

Keeping Kids Motivated Throughout the School Year

Keeping your homeschooled kids, and yourself, motivated throughout the school year can be challenging. It is up to you to create ways to get past humps and encourage progress in a way that keeps your kids wanting to learn. Even something as basic as a Groundhog Day word search can help keep your kids involved with learning. Becoming bored is a result of an uninspired curriculum....(more)

Homeschool Co-ops

Parents who homeschool their children may struggle with many things. They are teaching their children themselves about topics which they themselves are not experts on. For kids learning about a topic like the Quebec flower, some parents may not know much about the topic, but others might. It gives students and parents the ability to exercise their skills....(more)

Having a Pen Pal is an Educational Experience

Regular mail is all but a lost art form in today's age of e-mails and instant messaging. Many young children today may never experience writing handwritten notes or letters. Setting your child up with a pen pal can be a very educational and fun experience. It is an opportunity for them to begin learning how to write letters, and make a friend in a distant place. Make sure your child gets to experience letter writing by getting them a pen pal....(more)


6 Unique September Art Projects

September is sometimes seen as an in-between month. Kids are still shaking off summer and getting into the new school year. On the other hand the holidays are coming up, including Halloween. The changing of the leaves provides teachers plenty of ideas for some fall-inspired September art projects. From creating leaf lanterns and dragons, this month is really loaded with artsy possibility...(more)

6 Kindergarten Teaching Tips for Newbies

You've been pushed out of the nest and are getting ready to teach your first class. It's both exciting and scary. While you have been trained and you are ready, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to kindergarteners. Here are some Kindergarten teaching tips that may help to lessen the anxiety, just a little...(more)

Home School

Printable Sheets for School Memory Books

A school memory book is an excellent way to capture a child's precious time as a student. With printable sheets, these school memory books are made easy. In the future, these books will become the treasure that you unearth from the piles of boxes buried in the attic. The memories that you choose to capture now will have immense value in the future. This is why school memory books are wonderful ideas for any parent....(more)

How to Start a Home-Based Learning Program

Being a parent means making decisions you feel are best for your children, and concerns over school security and high stakes testing often leave many parents considering the benefits of home schooling versus public or private education. The idea of home-based learning can be intimidating to many parents, who may feel they don't have the time or patience to give their children the educational attention they need. But other parents see it as an opportunity to monitor their children's education and help to build a curriculum suited to their interests and prefered style of learning. With a variety of options for starting your own program, figuring out how to start a home-school doesn't have to be as scary as you might think....(more)

Six Top-Rated Fairy Tale Writing Paper Homeschool Lessons

When you're homeschooling your kids, it's absolutely necessary to make sure you're nurturing their imagination. One of the ways to do that is combining practical skills with imaginative activities. Finding fun, educational fairytale writing paper templates is not as hard as it used to be thanks to, where teachers create class lessons and sell them online. Having this online resource helps parents have a place to go when they need to get creative, educational options....(more)